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What is CSGO Smurf Account? Why You Need it?

In CSGO, smurf account is a distinct term, which has a specific meaning. Suppose, someone, who belongs to a higher rank as a player but chooses to play on a rank lower than his or her actual status is called a smurf. Now, the question arises how do smurfs make this happen? Usually, a smurf purchases a new account and thus, gets the opportunity to play with noobs. To put it in other words, smurf is somewhat like a national level basketball player playing against high school guys without revealing his identity.
The usual psychology behind smurfing is not only to wreck new players but also humiliate them to the point of being mentally shattered. People, who unfortunately smug known to use or play with a range of unconventional weapons in the gun rounds. They never stop short from using negey, dualies, smg and other weapons and yet they manage to emerge topper in every round.
Playing with a cs go prime account may be funny for them but, from the angle of the rest 9 players it’s pretty unfortunate as well as annoying. From the technical perspective, it’s not unfair and you won’t be banned for doing it if caught. But as far as ethics in concerned, most gaming communities consider it unethical, as it demolishes the exposure of the other nine players.

Do you know what’s so fantastic about CSGO?

The varieties of account you can get to feed your hunger for gaming.

Counter Strike Global Offensive is a term that has ruled the entire gaming industry for more than 12 years now. What’s so mind-boggling about CSGO is its exceptional ability to engage gamers to another level of transparency. There are enough choices of accounts to suit every mood and every level of expertise. Be it CSGO Prime Accounts, Smurf accounts, non-prime ones, or other ranked accounts, but regardless of what your expertise is, there’s an account to make you fall in love with Counter Strike.

What exactly are these - so many – types of CSGO accounts?

There are as many types of CSGO accounts as you could ever wish to use for different gaming experiences. The varieties of account are there to customize and boost the gameplay experience for you.

Why everyone is fighting for a CSGO Prime Account?

Prime Accounts are the real deal. Those are the ultimate reward of all the struggles and hours of gameplay. It takes a 1 to 21 rank long battle to become eligible for the prime account. No gamer wants to spend months in struggling just to reach the level of gameplay where he can really enjoy the gameplay. So, buying a CSGO Prime account means taking a shortcut to the top, You get all the rewards, all the weapons, and all the badges a prime member should get. And you can step into the real gameplay right away.

What exactly is the CSGO Smurf Account?

If you are a pro-player, already thriving in the world of Prime-matchmaking, and still wish to play on the lower levels, then CSGO Smurf account is for you.
Smurfing is usually used to increase your level of competence, ranking, earning more badges and also this helps in creating more legitimacy on the platform.

CSGO Ranked Accounts, High Tier Accounts, and Non-Prime Accounts! Do you need more?

So what if Prime accounts and Smurf accounts are the most preferred ones? Your love for gaming might have other objectives. And that’s exactly why there are CSGO account types like Ranked Accounts, various Tier Accounts, and the basic Non-prime account. Because no gamers should be getting anything less than the desired thrill and romance from their favourite game.

Wondering what services we provide? All of them. Just everything!

You’ll find many CSGO gaming service providers, and some of them are really good. But none of them provides you with as many services as we do. And not only we provide you with varieties of services, but every feedback has approved of the quality of our services. You need CSGO Prime Accounts, CSGO Smurf Account, CSGO Non-prime Account, CSGO High Tier or Ranked Account, we have the best collection for all sorts of gamers. We can provide N number of ranking accounts, and if you want to select between different bundles and features, you are free to do that as well.
Other than accounts, you can grab badges, rewards, and anything else you need to squeeze out all the thrill from CSGO.

There’s a reason why Smurf Universe is the bestseller of CSGO accounts.

In recent years we have mastered our credibility among many customers who are looking forward to purchasing legit CSGO smurf account and accounts of different categories. Instant delivery, 24*7 technical assistance, better affordability and most dominantly the seemingly errorless experience are the best part of the CSGO Prime membership and smurf memberships that we provide.

Why exactly gamers buy CSGO account from us?

If you are buying CSGO Smurf Account from us, we are bound by our own love for gaming to make sure that you get the most ethical and bug-free smurf account that leaves no traces about your actual expertise.
If you are buying CSGO Prime or CSGO Ranked Account from us, then we provide you with all the features, benefits and badges that a prime or ranked account should get.

Want to know how we make it possible? Just ask us.

It’s never so straight when you try to get things done ethically, and that’s why we have a team of experts, gamers, people who live for Counter-Strike. They are the heart of every CSGO account you buy from us.
Our team puts in all the work to make a CSGO Ranked account achieve the rank you desire. Thus, when you begin your play, you are already rocking in the champion’s league.
For a CSGO Prime Account, it takes a lot for us to unlock all the prime benefits, ethically, and then hand over them all to you. Thus, you get the best gaming experience.

Forget about gaming, even buying is effortless with us.

Once you have felt the thrill of surfing through so many CSGO accounts, and have chosen the one account you want, then there is almost no more effort you need to put into it. Just add the account in the Cart. Fill in the required details. And proceed with the payment using a bunch of payment options available.
The moment you complete the purchase you will get the confirmation email with all the necessary details regarding your CSGO account.

Anything you need to worry about?

Some doubts are obvious. But we don’t use any third-party software or hacking methods to boost the account ranks or provide you with the prime features. Our love for CSGO is too deep to allow us any such trick. Anything you avail from Smurf Universe is a reward and result of our passionate gamers and experts.