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What is CSGO Smurf Account? Why You Need it?

In CSGO, smurf account is a distinct term, which has a specific meaning. Suppose, someone, who belongs to a higher rank as a player but chooses to play on a rank lower than his or her actual status is called a smurf. Now, the question arises how do smurfs make this happen? Usually, a smurf purchases a new account and thus, gets the opportunity to play with noobs. To put it in other words, smurf is somewhat like a national level basketball player playing against high school guys without revealing his identity.
The usual psychology behind smurfing is not only to wreck new players but also humiliate them to the point of being mentally shattered. People, who unfortunately smug known to use or play with a range of unconventional weapons in the gun rounds. They never stop short from using negey, dualies, smg and other weapons and yet they manage to emerge topper in every round.
Playing with a cs go prime account may be funny for them but, from the angle of the rest 9 players it’s pretty unfortunate as well as annoying. From the technical perspective, it’s not unfair and you won’t be banned for doing it if caught. But as far as ethics in concerned, most gaming communities consider it unethical, as it demolishes the exposure of the other nine players.