Ultimate CSGO launch options guide

CSGO launch options guide

CSGO launch options guide, Ever since the launch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in August 2012, it has managed to win the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. The competitive shooter by Valve has cemented its place in video game history as a successful FPS title alongside the likes of other popular games like Halo, Overwatch, or Riot’s recent release Valorant.

In the professional scene, CSGO also gained immense success as an esport, with tournaments worth hundreds of thousands of dollars being conducted throughout the world every year. On average, professional players associated with CSGO earn more than pros of most other esport titles out there.

Besides competitive gaming, the impact which CSGO laid on the Steam community market was also profound. The release of CSGO skins revolutionised the world of virtual items which gradually resulted in the CSGO skin industry becoming a billion-dollar industry. At any time, players can browse through the Steam market to find CSGO skins which can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars. The CSGO skin economy is steadily growing and the prices of skins can be seen spiking with every passing year.

However, CSGO didn’t shine as bright as a video game in its early stages. The initial stages of CSGO was in no way a hit to the current success of the title. In fact, the shooter had a rough start compared to its predecessors and gained criticism from casual and professional players alike.

Players across the world began complaining about how odd the gameplay mechanics are and how some aspects were essentially “breaking” the game. Pros began to switch to other games and CS 1.6 began to overshadow CSGO.

Luckily, this state of the game was rather short-lived. One after another, updates began to be shipped to the game by Valve, fixing and balancing the game while giving the community what they wanted. Things quickly started turning for good and a ray of hope could be seen for the future of CSGO Accounts.

What escalated the growth of CSGO drastically was the introduction of skins to the game. More and more players began to join the game not just for the gameplay experience, but also for the adrenalin rush of opening cases getting their dream knives. Soon, the player counts of CSGO started topping the charts, giving the likes of DOTA 2 a run for their money as the most played game on Steam.

Tournaments began to be conducted across the world and new professional talents began to emerge from unlikely places. The prize pools of the tournaments also continued to skyrocket. For the first time in history, fans began to enjoy CSGO more than CS 1.6 or CS:Source.

From then on, it was pretty much an uphill climb for the popularity of CSGO. It ultimately reached a peak in the month of May, 2020 when it surpassed a peak player count of 1.2 million concurrent players, a number no other title in Steam had achieved before with the exception of Dota 2.

CSGO continues to rise in popularity to this day, and this rising popularity of CSGO means the competitive atmosphere is stronger than ever. Every player is aspiring to be better than others and trying to climb up the ranks of the competitive spectrum.

While individual skill plays the deciding factor in determining your skill group, there are some tricks you can use to speed through the ranks.

Improving your game’s performance should undoubtedly be a top priority for you when aspiring to be the very best at the game. Every single frame per second added to your game could be the difference between living and dying in a round.

We understand that not everyone can afford top-notch hardware to boost their gameplay experience, and that’s why we’re here to recommend you the best launch options in CSGO to boost your performance.

Launch options can be an easy and effective way to give your game the boost it needs to deliver that extra performance without interfering with your hardware.

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Other than performance, launch options can also be used for a variety of other stuff which although won’t have a direct impact on your performance, may help you in different ways. They will be discussed further below.

Launch Options for CSGO

There are a lot of launch options in CSGO which you can use to change or heavily impact your gameplay experience. Some can directly help improve performance, while some can be used for various other purposes.

To use these launch options, all you need to do is go to your Steam library, right click CSGO, go to properties and click on “Set launch options”. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the launch options which you can start using right now.

csgo launch options STEP 1
csgo launch options STEP 1
csgo launch options STEP 2
csgo launch options STEP 2
csgo launch options STEP 3
csgo launch options STEP 3

-high: Perhaps the most common launch option of all time in CSGO. This command forces your computer to run CSGO at high priority, generally making it smoother, and improving performance overall.

-novid: Skips the intro theme of Valve, saving you a few seconds every time you launch the game.

-console: Enables the player to open the console after launching the game. This can alternatively be done by going into settings in-game.

-threads x: This command is used to specify how many cores can be allotted to the game. “X” should be replaced by the number of cores your CPU has.

-windowed: Runs the game in a windowed mode.

fullscreen: Runs the game in fullscreen mode.

-tickrate 128: Makes your custom servers 128-tick. Useful for practicing bases for FACEIT or ESEA.

-exec autoexec: In case you have an autoexec file (or any other CFG), you can use this command to automatically execute it at game start.

+fps_max 0: Removes the FPS limit from CSGO, may improve performance if it was previously capped.

-nojoy: Removes joystick support from the game, may improve performance.

-forcenovsync: Disables vsync which is enabled by default. May cause screen tearing but is guaranteed to improve performance.

-refresh 144: Put this command in your launch options if your monitor’s refresh rate is 144 Hz. Skip if your monitor is 60 Hz. You have to set it to 240 if your monitor supports a refresh rate of 240 Hz.

+cl_forcepreload 1: Makes the game load map details and textures at the time of loading. Consequently, may increase loading times but generally promises steady performance while playing. Revert if you don’t notice any change in performance.

+Mat_queue_mode X: Play with the value of X till you find what suits you. Values range from -1 to 2.

-Language: Changes the default language CSGO from English.
-autoconfig: Makes CSGO run in its default configuration at every launch. Changes made after launch will automatically be reset at the next launch.

Now that you’re aware of all the major launch options you can use to change your gameplay experience, go ahead and try these out in-game. Experiment with these commands till you find the settings which feel good for your game. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and self-satisfaction.

Keep in mind that performance isn’t your only concern when using launch options, some commands may give you a slight boost in FPS while decreasing your overall gameplay experience.

Besides setting launch options, you can also make changes to your config and create CFGs to improve your gameplay and performance. We’ll talk about the changes you can make in your config in another article.

After using the commands we mentioned, you are very likely to witness some significant changes to your gameplay. Your game will feel smoother and your FPS count will also possibly rise up.

Chances are, that you won’t need every single one of the launch options mentioned above. In case you find an option you don’t need, consider removing it from your list of launch options to prevent unnecessary commands from piling up.

That’s all you need to know about the launch options in CSGO. If you have a launch option we haven’t mentioned which you find useful, feel free to share it with us. Happy Fragging!

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