CSGO Legendary Eagle Master Prime Accounts

Legendary Eagle Master is the third highest rank attainable in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the first-person shooter by Valve, before Supreme Master First Class and Global Elite. It is an extremely respectable rank and only a tiny percentage of players have what it takes to reach a rank this high. Among the wide array of accounts Smurf Universe offers you to choose from, Legendary Eagle Master accounts are certainly a great pick.

Why buy Legendary Eagle Master Primes?

Having a prime account means you’re much more likely to be placed in a cheater-free game with non-toxic teammates. While non-prime accounts are cheaper, it’s generally not worth it to buy one due to the overwhelming possibility of encountering cheaters in every other game.

Legendary Eagle Master Primes are certainly the ideal choice for you if you’re having difficulty ranking up from the previous ranks. You’re also free to brag to your friends about having this high of a rank in the game once you own a LEM prime account. Players in this rank are generally highly skilled, so you can also challenge yourself to the best of your abilities.

Why buy from Smurf Universe?

Smurf Universe is not only a trusted website to buy accounts from, thus preventing you from the chance of getting scammed, but it also offers fast and secure payment processing along with swift account delivery. Besides this, we offer a huge selection of accounts at our website for you to choose from, making sure you’re not limited on your choices.

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