CSGO Gold Nova Accounts

Gold Nova is the second series of ranks in the competitive spectrum of all the ranks in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This series has four ranks included in it with the final rank being Gold Nova Master. Gold Nova accounts can sometimes be the best ranked accounts to enjoy the game in, with the skill bar being neither too low like silvers, nor too high like Master Guardians or above. If you’re looking for such an account, then you’ve come to the right place.

Why Buy a CSGO Gold Nova Account?

Gold Novas are the ranks where the most percentage of players playing CSGO can be found. These four ranks are ideal for you if you don’t want an atmosphere too competitive, but just want to relax in a game of CSGO. These accounts are also ideal to use as a CSGO smurf account in case you’re from the higher ranks and feel like playing the game casually instead of being super competitive. You can also consider picking up a Gold Nova account if you’re having difficulty climbing up the ranks from silver, since the matchmaking system may sometimes make it very difficult to raise your skill level.

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