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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released by Valve in August 2012. The first-person shooter revolutionized the world of video games and introduced a whole new era of competitive shooters in multiplayer gaming.

CSGO was a worthy successor of previous Counter-Strike titles like CS 1.6 and CS:Source. While both of the previous titles received overwhelmingly positive responses from players around the world, the popularity of CSGO surpassed both of theirs, and that too, by a margin.

However, the initial release of CSGO was met with severe criticism from hardcore CS fans. The game mechanics were complained to be worse than its predecessors and players started abandoning the game entirely.

Luckily, the demise of CSGO was short-lived and it was only a matter of time before Valve started shipping out a stream of updates to bring balance to the game and improve playability. The professional scene revolving around the game started growing rapidly and tournaments were being conducted throughout the world to find out the best CSGO talents from different parts.

The player base of the game also increased steadily. The year 2020 saw the player counts of the game surpassing a whopping 1 million concurrent players per day for several months straight. CSGO still holds the position of the game with the most number of players on Steam.

CSGO has also topped the charts as a competitive esport. It ranks #2 in the list of games with the highest prize money awarded till date, falling just behind Dota 2, another popular title by Valve.

What are Loyalty Badge accounts?

The steady player growth of CSGO means that more people are joining the game now than ever. A common question newer players have about CSGO is “What are Loyalty Badge accounts?” or “How do you get the Loyalty Badge in CSGO?”

The Loyalty Badge, also referred to as the “Prime Badge” by some people, is a display item which can no longer be obtained in the game. The badge was awarded exclusively to players who bought the game before the “Danger Zone” update which rendered the game free-to-play from then onwards.

The Loyalty Badge automatically gives the status of prime to the account and can also be displayed on the profile as a symbol of being a long-standing member of the community. The Loyalty Badge is impossible to obtain in the game anymore. The only way to be in possession of a Loyalty Badge is through buying a Loyalty Badge account, which is readily available at Smurf Universe.

Why buy a Loyalty Badge account?

For starters, a Loyalty Badge account automatically comes with the status of prime. Normally, players can buy the prime status directly from Steam which costs quite a pinch in the pocket, or they can level up their CSGO accounts to level 21, which is an incredibly tedious task and can take several months for any player to do so.

Apart from the prime status, Loyalty Badge accounts come with an exclusive collectible coin which can be displayed on the profile like the other badges in the game.

Another reason to consider getting a Loyalty Badge account is the fact that these accounts generally come with an extremely high trust factor. A high trust factor, along with the prime status ensures that the quality of matchmaking you experience in your games is high. When playing from a Loyalty Badge account, you’re much less likely to be matched with or against cheaters and griefers, allowing you to play fair games of CSGO.

If you’re new to the game, grabbing a Loyalty Badge account will also give you the bragging rights to have owned a paid account before the game went free-to-play, not to mention the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy the game with others who have been playing the game for a while. Playing against players with a greater skill level will help you improve as a player swiftly too.

Why buy from Smurf Universe?

Smurf Universe is one of the most trusted websites to buy your accounts from. We offer you with a plethora of account choices to pick from, ensuring you get to carefully select your dream CSGO account which you won’t regret purchasing. 

We aren’t limited to CSGO accounts either, we have a wide range of accounts from all sorts of popular video games like GTA 5, Valorant, PUBG and more. 

We also offer the cheapest rates on game accounts compared to other third-party account selling websites. As mentioned earlier, buying the prime status for your account can be extremely expensive on Steam.

Furthermore, our Loyalty Badge accounts often come with tons of other features which you can browse through in our store. Feel free to take your time before you find your ideal CSGO smurf account to play the game in.

Apart from all these, Smurf Universe offers you instant account deliveries combined with a fast, secure and hassle-free payment system. Smurf Universe has been selling accounts for several years and is trusted by thousands of customers worldwide.

In case of any troubles you experience during the checkout process, or if you have a concern regarding one of your purchases, Smurf Universe also offers 24×7 customer support to all buyers to sort out any potential problems.

So, wait no further. Your dream CSGO Loyalty Badge account might only be a few clicks away from you!

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