CSGO high hours accounts

After the introduction of the “Trust Factor” system in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the matchmaking algorithm of the game changed drastically. Rather than the previous matchmaking system based on prime and non-prime accounts only, players would have an additional Trust Factor associated with their accounts to help them get matched with equally skilled players.

The Trust Factor of a particular CSGO account depends on a variety of factors including games owned by the account, the account’s conduct across other games and most importantly, the number of hours of CSGO played.

For the same reason, high hours CSGO smurf accounts are always in high demand in the marketplace. Let’s take a glance on the reason why you should consider getting one right now:

Why get a high hours CSGO account?

For starters, having an account with a high number of hours should automatically put you to a significantly high trust factor. Other than that, high hours CSGO accounts come with prime by default, and may also contain the rare Loyalty Badge which can’t be obtained in the game anymore.

Consequently, you’re much less likely to be matched against cheaters or griefers if you buy a CSGO account with high hours, a problem which non-prime accounts or accounts with low number of hours often face regardless of their ranks.

Why buy from Smurf Universe?

Buying from Smurf Universe allows you to select your dream CSGO account from a plethora of accounts available at your fingertips. We offer a wide variety of accounts ranging from Silver 1 to Global Elite, all having a considerably high number of hours. Our payment system is also fast and secure, which means that you don’t need to worry about delays in processing of payment. We make sure that your account is ready to use as soon as you receive it.