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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game that was released by Valve in mid-2012 as a successor to the other popular titles in the Counter-Strike series like CS 1.6 and CS:Source. While not gaining the expected popularity within the first few months of its release, CS: GO was swift to regain traction in the world of competitive shooters and in only a few years, it became one of the biggest first-person shooters in video game history.

The popularity of the game began to skyrocket starting from 2014 and is still continuing to rise. CSGO currently leads the Steam charts for being the game with the largest player count and the highest concurrent player peaks, having about a million daily peak concurrent player count.

With the increasing popularity of the game, more and more people look to land themselves a premium CSGO account for a cheap price to get started with the game. Even veteran CSGO players often seek to buy a secondary CSGO prime account to use as a smurf account for themselves.

If you’re one of the people who’s looking to step up their game playing experience to the next level by getting a CSGO account, you’ve come at the right place. Here at Smurf Universe, you can find a wide variety of CSGO accounts of all sorts at your fingertips. Whether you want a CSGO Loyalty Badge account, a CSGO Prime account or a fresh CSGO account, you can find everything you want on our website.

Here’s a list of the types of accounts you can find on Smurf Universe:

CSGO Prime Accounts

Before the Danger Zone update in CSGO, the game had to be bought from the Steam Store for a small amount of money. After the player reached rank 21 in the game, the account would hold the status of “Prime”. A Prime account would generally enjoy better quality matchmaking games against fairer opponents and better teammates.

With the implementation of the Danger Zone update in CSGO, the game went free to play for players across the world. Currently, anyone can get a CSGO account absolutely now free of cost, but it has its downsides. Generally, a free and new account will have a might higher probability of encountering cheaters and toxic teammates than Prime accounts.

Players can either directly buy primes from the Steam store or can level up to 21 in the game and attach a phone number to receive the prime status.

Smurf Universe offers you CSGO prime accounts at extremely affordable rates which lets you enjoy the game at the very best of your experience. Furthermore, you can also opt for additions to a normal prime account which is explained further below.

CSGO Loyalty Badge Accounts

After CSGO went free to play for everyone, players who had previously owned the game gained a Loyalty badge. The badge proves that you are an old player of the game and arguably improves your matchmaking experience too. Having a Loyalty badge also gives your account the prime status regardless of the rank your account is in.

If you’re looking for a Loyalty badge account, Smurf Universe is the ideal place for you. We feature a plethora of such accounts which you can buy directly to get not only a prime account, but also a medal which cannot be obtained by normal means anymore.

Like the other accounts, the Loyalty badge accounts are also available at Smurf Universe at extremely competitive rates, making this website an ideal choice for you to buy your dream account.

CSGO 5 Year Coin and 10 Year Coin Accounts

The 5 Year and 10 Year coins are awarded to CSGO players who have either been playing the game or had owned a game of the Counter-Strike series for at least 5 and 10 years respectively. The medals themselves look good and are in high demand among CSGO players worldwide.

Needless to say, you also get the other advantages of prime CSGO matchmaking or the Loyalty badge along with the 5 year and 10 year coins, which helps improve your matchmaking experience in CSGO and encounter more fair players.

Both the 5 year and 10 year old coins have a unique and attractive look to them, which are often the most liked among all the medals in CSGO.

If you’re looking to get a 5 year coin or a 10 year coin account, Smurf Universe offers both of them at the best prices. So whether you’re looking for a new smurf account or make a new main account with a 10 year old coin, you know what to do now.

CSGO Medal Accounts

CSGO has a feature to earn service medals in game for every year since they were first implemented in 2015. The service medals can be earned by playing CSGO every year for a significant amount of time and reaching rank 40. However, once a player receives his service medal, his rank resets to 1. The medals can then be upgraded multiple times by reaching rank 40 again and again. The service medals every year have a different look, and the colours can be changed by upgrading them.

There are also other medals in CSGO like the operation medals. Throughout the years, CSGO has released a lot of limited edition stuff in the game. The best example of this are the operations in the game. There are multiple operations in CSGO which have been released from time to time, each having a unique coin which can only be obtained through buying the operation passes. Some of the operations with the best medals are Operation Hydra, Operation Breakout, and the most recent Operation Shattered Web.

Regardless of which of the medals you’re looking for, you will find them on Smurf Universe. From service medals to operation medals, every sort of medal is available on our website, and at highly desirable prices. Just go to the appropriate section and look for the account details, you’ll find just the account you want.

CSGO Rank Accounts

CSGO features a vast spectrum of ranks in its competitive mode to help players be matched with their appropriate skill level. The ranks are respectively from lowest to highest Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, Legendary Eagle, Supreme Master First Class with the Global Elite being the highest attainable rank in the game.

If you wanna create a CSGO Smurf account, you should look for the appropriate rank for you based on your skill level. From Silver to Global Elite, you can get any rank you want in Smurf Universe. Just select the account you want and you can automatically see the detailed statistics of the account which includes its rank.

If you’re looking to smurf at lower ranks, opt for a Silver or Nova account while if you believe you belong more in the higher ranks, you can always get a Global Elite account for yourself from our list of CSGO ranked accounts to push yourself to the limits.

CSGO High Tier Accounts

Even some medals and operation coins are sometimes not enough to meet the demands of some fervent CSGO fans. That’s where the high tier CSGO accounts come to play. These types of accounts are more suited to be used as a main account due to its attractive features.

High tier accounts are of various types, some include rare medals with high profile rank while some boast a variety of operation coins included in them.

Regardless of the features, High tier accounts are all primes and generally come with excellent trust factor numbers, meaning that you’ll be matched with players with trust factors as high as yours, consequently making the gameplay experience for you much more enjoyable.

High tier accounts sometimes come with CSGO trophies, which are extremely rare and always wonderful to have. These sorts of CSGO Trophy accounts can’t be seen often in an average match of CSGO.

Fresh Private Rank 2 CSGO Accounts

Sometimes, you just want to indulge into the game without anything complex in your account. These private rank 2 accounts are enough to directly hop into a game of competitive Counter-Strike without having to spend time in Casual or Deathmatches.

Although a high trust factor can’t be promised in such accounts, you can always buy one of these for dirt cheap prices and rank them up to level 21 yourself, although that process is indeed tedious.

CSGO Non-prime Accounts

Besides the private rank 2 accounts, you can instead choose to buy any CSGO non prime account from our huge list of accounts. The non prime accounts generally have a better trust factor than fresh accounts and you can pick any rank of your choice from the accounts in our store.

Similar to the private rank 2 accounts, these non-prime accounts can also be switched to prime the moment you get to level 21 in the game.

Why Choose Smurf Universe?

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